Cats Like Bird Knitting

I am still pottering away at my Birds of Blendon Hat. I don’t get much knitting time, which is my own fault, I guess. JoJo likes to play with my yarn while I knit, so here’s another gratuitous kitty pic, only a little staged as I obviously don’t leave my knitting lying around like this for her to get into.

I’m falling for all the Carbeth hype. Everyone is doing it, and now I want to do it too. I’m only human. I think I should lengthen it a bit though, since I’m short-waisted. I might also add a hood. Why not? I love the color Between Weathers. I am a sucker for blue.

I’ve decided I need to learn to knit and walk, and although I don’t typically like sock knitting, a nice plain stockinette sock sounds like just the thing. I found a plain sock pattern I want to try, now I just need sock yarn. What is your favorite sock yarn? Inquiring minds…

On a personal note, my oldest son just moved into his own place. I’m so proud. My middling son will also be leaving the nest in a few months. Luckily my youngest son has a few years left at home. He is tinkering with a song on the pan flute right now. I wonder where he gets that pottering-tinkering inclination from?

And then the kitty couldn’t hold her head up any longer. It just fell “plop!” On my lap.

I love how there are already Black Panther patterns out there!

Sorry for the randomness. Do leave me some sock yarn recommendations though, if you please.

2 thoughts on “Cats Like Bird Knitting

  1. Your hat looks great! I can’t say I blame your cat for wanting to play with the yarn:) You’re playing with it after all!
    My most favorite sock yarn is anything indy dyed that has stripes. I’m a sucker for stripes. But if your looking for a workhorse of a sock yarn that is durable and still pretty Regia or Opal is what I’d go with. There are many colors and patterns to choose from and the price is reasonable. Good luck with the knitting and walking!

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  2. I too am falling for the Carbeth hype…I think I want to make the cardigan version. I can’t resist a cardigan. Oh and sock yarn, have you tried Periwinkle Sheep Yarns? Her sock yarn is lovely (although I’ve used it in sweaters and not for actual socks).

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