Life Is What Happens…


It is Sunday, and it is time for my weekly blog post. This is my version of “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!”

A lot has happened in my life the last few weeks. All good things, to be sure, but they are getting in the way of my knitting progress and this blog. I don’t mind, but I need to readjust my expectations. I can’t blog about what is happening, but I hope to be able to soon.

I haven’t worked on my hat design. I haven’t knitted anything except Harald’s Plain Grey Sweater, so I give to you a photograph of beautiful ribbing and stockinette in Manos Maxima Kohl, being very close to getting divided for armholes. I still haven’t decided if we will go drop shoulders or raglan, so I guess I’d better make up my mind.

What do you do when life happens while you are busy making other plans? Do you power through with your plans and give the finger to life? I used to do this, and honestly, it was fine but didn’t really get me to where I wanted to be. This year I am practicing some turtle medicine: how to go with the flow. Downstream is looking pretty good from here.

4 thoughts on “Life Is What Happens…

  1. Planning is required but when life gets in the way of them, it’s no good beating oneself about it – I’d rather go with the flow then. I’ve come to think of it as being like a reed – grow but be flexible. 😉
    Enough about plans – the sweater looks really good! I wondered if it was a black and white picture until I read that its the actual color. ☺ Whichever design you choose for the top, it’s gonna look great in the gray!

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    1. I took the pic in color but did use a black and white filter on it. I think I may have posted the black and white one, but I couldn’t tell the difference. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement on the sweater!

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  2. Always go with the flow. When I try to go against it nothing seems to work out and stress and frustration set in. Things have a reason for going the way they go, so just go with it! Lol 😁

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