Thanksgiving Week Q&A

This is what I miss about the internet! You won’t find these on Facebook anymore. Found it through nothingbutknit. My answers are in purple.

1) Do you knit anything from memory without a pattern?

Hats and sweaters and scarves.

2) What is your healthy goal for Thanksgiving through New Years Eve ?

a) Lose a few pounds

b) Gain under 5 lbs

c) Maintain your current weight.

Don’t eat too much. Walk more.

3)Have you ever given up on a yarn?

No. I still have a hank of pine paper yarn. Pine. Paper. Yarn.

4) When you take a road trip, where do you stop for a snack or a meal?

Diners, or Asian, Mexican, or Indian food restaurants. Husband Bob packs snacks usually, which is trail mix and fruit. I still want to stop for beef jerky even though I have to remind myself I don’t eat it.

5) What is your favorite state to drive through? 

California, Highway 1, along the coast. I miss it. But… northern New Mexico is beautiful with the mesas and buttes, especially at sunrise when you are driving west. And I’m pretty sure some day I will drive through Maine in October and my heart will explode!

6) Does anyone polish silver anymore?  


7) Do you own a knit themed coffee mug?

No, but I wish I did. Something like this would do, or this.

8) You have been asked to knit a scarf for a movie. What movie do you want your scarf in?

Rare Exports. One time I got real excited about the knitting in The Santa Clause 2. I’m pretty sure this is my version of that.

9) Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?


10)Something you are thankful for today…

I’m thankful that blogging can make me feel so happy and alive. I literally got up early this morning to blog. My goal was to blog once a week, but so far I have blogged every day. Sorry not sorry?

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