This is my Sunday: knitting, reading, cozy cat on quilt, and hemming some pants. I may stay in my PJs all day.

Yesterday I sewed a bag for Liz (part of her giveaway prize) based on this bag sewn for me by Sarah. I am thinking of it as friendship bread, the sewing version.

The Juki machines are nice. I am enjoying my sewing again. I still have a lot to learn about them.

I started my Hogsmeade Cowl. I really wanted to make a linen stitch cowl but didn’t have enough for Jessica Jones. I realized I had the power. I knit a swatch in linen stitch. I did math. I cast on. This will be my Kenya knitting. I will knit until I’m almost out of yarn, and then I’ll bind off.

In the upper left of the photo above, you will see a book by The Alchemist. I am savoring it, especially the photos of the gorgeous vases and the intro to Raku at the beginning. I will learn more next week as I have an interview with the artist for The Just Craft. One day I will buy a vase. I have my eye on Jovian Moon. Although A Horse with No Name and Apollo’s Song have also taken my fancy. Housewarming gift for myself? I have to buy a house first. Priorities!

I received some very nice hand-me-down clothing from friends for my household, and the boys are taking their picks. I have also claimed three pair of trousers for myself. I think I prefer men’s trousers. They are loose and comfy and high waisted for people with no waist. That’s me! Maybe I’ll start tucking in my shirts again.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. My main goal today is to not think about work so I can be fresh for tomorrow’s challenges!

Cheating for the Win

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. The harder I try to fix things, the more complicated I make them. Suffice it to say, things have not been going my way. (Although they certainly could be worse!)

Today I cleaned up my craft corner, but I was afraid to give either one of my new machines a go. I didn’t have the patience to learn something new or the tolerance for any more frustration. But… I was itching to sew, to try something!

Then I remembered someone – maybe my friend Sara, my fount of sewing wisdom – told me about tying the ends of the serger threads to the ones that were already threaded on the machine and running them through. I did it, and it worked! The satisfaction of serging over my wonky zigzag seams on the Billie jumpsuit could not have felt more gratifying.

I also went for the Black Welsh Mountain yarn. I talked to Bob about it, and we worked out a financial solution for me to get the yarn I really wanted. Luckily it was $100 less than I thought it was going to be. This is going to be my Farmhouse Cardigan yarn, with Katrinkles bamboo arrow buttons. This yarn is deep black but has a brown tint, which I like. It’s a very earthy black.

Books: I’m reading both “Bonkers” by Jennifer Saunders and “Dear Fatty” by Dawn French. I’m listening to “Circe” by Madeline Miller. They are all very good.

Knitting: I started Hans’ Tread hat. After this I have another skein of the yarn (Woolfolk Far) in gold. I may make one for myself, to match my eyes. I think I have picked out another pattern for my skein of Hogsmeade, the While Waiting cowl. It’s a sweet story, and a good fit for the yarn.

Tomorrow I would like to spend some time knitting and listening to “Circe.” I’m also hoping to get a hike in, but that will depend on the weather. Looks like snow is expected. That’s the perfect hiking weather! I hope we do go because I’ve had no exercise since before Thanksgiving.

My Brain Hurts

I am planning to take today off and spend some time in my craft corner with my new sewing machine and serger. I would also like to start my fourth Tread hat for Hans.

Work has been so busy that my brain has been on duty every moment of the day, it seems. For this reason, and in honor of Terry Jones who has shuffled off his mortal coil, I have named this post “My Brain Hurts.”

Do you try to catch snow sparkles with your camera? This is the best I could do. These photos were taken while I was in Wisconsin.

I hope we get some snow this winter!

Wisconsin Babes!

I am in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for work and I got to meet up with Kathy B from the compassionknit blog! It was so lovely to meet her in person! We met at a Mexican restaurant and chatted and ate wonderful food. She also gave me a lovely little pouch and cable needle set. I love meeting my “blog friends” in person! I think we need a name for this group so we’ll have one ready when we all go on a knitting trip to Shetland together.

I finished Bob’s Tread Hat and brought another with me (for Hans) since I am now thinking I may not have enough Hogsmeade Justice for the Jessica Jones cowl. It looks like it should be held double, so I’ve got to crunch some numbers!

Giveaway! There’s a movie reference in the title. The first person to comment correctly will win a prize which will include: 1 hank of yarn, 1 stitch marker, and 1 handmade project bag sewn on my new Juki machine! It really is a great machine. I can’t wait to get home and give it a whirl!

It’s so cold here I am wearing my Twilight Toujours over my pajamas in bed.

Friday Eve

Work has been crazy busy, but I found time on Sunday to start my Billie Jumpsuit.

The bottom is looking and feeling very like kid PJs. About 12 years ago, I was sewing a lot and selling my wares at craft shows, and a friend suggested I should design children’s clothing. Maybe she was right?

I am hoping once I get the top on, it will look more like something a grown up would wear in public. If it doesn’t, I’ll add some feet and own it!

My sewing machine is giving me tension trouble. I thought I had fixed it with the use of the correct bobbins, but I was too optimistic. My old Singer has the same problem.

I think I’ll go ahead and get a new sewing machine and a serger. I’ll test them out on Saturday to make sure I like the Jukis I’ve heard so much about. I don’t want to damage my expensive fabric on a cheap machine. It isn’t worth it! Plus it’s frustrating and sucks all the joy out of my sewing time. Maybe I will find someplace to donate my old machines.

On the knitting front, I’m finishing up another Tread. I will start my Jessica Jones cowl before my trip so I can knit on the plane. I heard we struck wool in Kenya, and was told to bring my needles! I’m excited!

Craft Corner

Bob and I got rid of an old couch we don’t need anymore and turned a corner of the living room into my craft corner. I’ve already broken it in with some jeans hemming. I foresee the shelves on the right slowly being taken over by craft supplies.

Just in case you were wondering, this is my tassel maker set from Katrinkles. I don’t make tassels very often, but these are so adorable I had to have them. I also signed up for her stitch marker of the month club!

Thanks to everyone who suggested I should color in the Winter’s Fern chart. Since the gold is my favorite color of the three, I made it the main color.

You would think someone with a degree in art would spend more time coloring, drawing, and sketching. But that is never something I think to do. I will try to do more of it when I am planning projects.

I’m going to finish up my Tread Hats and then start my Jessica Jones Cowl. What are you working on?

All the Updates


I thought you might enjoy seeing the pattern I picked out for my plaid flannel fabric.


I’m pretty excited about it. If I like it for winter in plaid flannel, I’ll make a linen one for summer.

Will I try to match the plaid, or will I funkily mismatch it? Probably the latter but I’ll have to see how it looks.

My orchid is blooming again. Apparently I’m good at orchids now. Who knew? Maybe I’ll try ferns again this summer. I have been a notorious fern killer.

I’m in a bit of a dither with knitting and not sure what to do next. I was going to knit a hat out of recycled t-shirt yarn as a sample for our artisan partners in Kenya, but it sounds like they will be banning the import of used clothing soon. Good on you, Kenya! We’ll figure out products that will support their textile economy. They are having a wool renaissance like we are, so maybe that will work out.

Maybe I’ll finish up the two remaining Tread hats, and then start Winter’s Fern. What knitting will I take with me to Kenya? Maybe the Jessica Jones cowl?

I adjusted my meds so I am now back on a low dose of one med (instead of two) that I take at night. It was good to get off them completely to see what my baseline is and readjust, and better for me physically. The side effects were killing me.

This pic is for my Mom. Hi Mom! I got my hair cut recently and I asked them to take my photo. They took me back to a little studio area where they do glamour shots. I started looking around for props. I would’ve taken someone down for a feather boa!

Opinion Please

I have my yarn for my Gryffindor Winter’s Fern hat.

You may not remember, but when I was in Guthrie, OK I picked up this yarn in Spun Gold from SWAK. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I love the color.

Then it hit me that it is Gryffindor gold.

Winter’s Fern is only three colors, and I can’t decide if it’s more Gryffindorry to use black or cream with the gold and red.

Here they are in black and white, which suggests the cream might be a better choice.

What’s your vote?

I’m very excited about making this hat. I love the idea of knitting HP themed projects but am not crazy about most of the designs I see out there. I wanted a decidedly grown up look to my project, one that suggests but does not scream Harry Potter nerd. (Although, I may add a pompom.)

So as not to confuse the issue, I ordered this pin which I may wear on the hat when the mood strikes.

I’m Obsessed

A friend shared these videos with me on Facebook. I am casting them to my TV and watching them on repeat.

I have no desire to make something like this myself. But I am enjoying the magic.

Twilight Toujours is slowly getting finished. We are in transition crunch time at work, which is stressful, but it will be so good when it’s done. I may not get out of my PJs this weekend, though.

I found my coat pattern!

yates coat

(photo credit Grainline Studio)

This is the Yates Coat. It is appropriate for my wool fabric, and it looks like it will be a good choice for my first coat. Not easy, but easy for a coat.

Sarah is making an Oxbow Cardigan this year and wants me to sign on for a Thanksgiving knitalong again. I’m game, even though it’s not on my list (yet)!

I want to make a black cardigan. My wardrobe needs this. I want to choose yarn from an heirloom breed. I found some Black Welsh Mountain yarn and the farm is participating in Shave’Em to Save’Em. I calculated my totals for the Oxbow Cardigan. $450! (insert flabbergasted emoji here)

I know the yarn is worth it, and we need to support our farmers and heirloom breeds. But I simply feel like I cannot afford that. I mean, I’m holding off on buying a new serger and a better sewing machine. That cardigan yarn would be 2/3 of the way to a new machine.

So, I’m going to hold off on any black bulky yarn purchasing for now, but with the full intention of adding Oxbow Cardigan to my list this year.

And maybe if I am very very very good and do not spend any of my crafting allowance on other things and save it up, I could buy the yarn I really want? That’s still a lot of fed mouths. But it could be a sweater that lasts the rest of my life, so maybe a good investment? And I would feel good about the yarn I purchased. I will have a long think on it.

Check out my beautiful son wearing the hat I made him (which makes me happy) but giving me snark.


Gotta go. He is introducing me to 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.